Four-Day Madrasah

Our objective is not just to teach Quran and Sunnat to our fellow Muslims and provide them with a facility to offer Jumma and daily prayers but also create an atmosphere where our children as well as adults spend more time in Islamic environment. We felt that our children need more than just one day of religious education, so we pioneered four day Islamic Madrassa in carrollton to keep our children in more Islamic surrounding, an example for others to follow.

Timings for Four-Day Madrassah

Monday through Thursday: 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Please see Imam Madinah Masjid Allama Seraj Ahmed in person during Madrassah hours for the admission of your child or for detail information.

Enroll now, admissions are always open

Students are taught individually on first come first serve basis


  •     1 child = $40
  •     2 children = $80
  •     3 children = $100

Please come to masjid on madrassah timings and enroll your kids .