Madinah Masjid of Carrollton

Madinah Masjid of Carrollton

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Islam is a Religion of Peace. We strongly condemn killing of innocent men, women, and children of any race, religion, or color in the name of Islam. We respect other religions and expect the same from others. The Muslim community joins our fellow Americans in repudiating anyone or any group that would claim to justify or excuse  any appalling act of violence"
Remember, We should not insult someone beliefs in the name of Freedom of Speech and should not use Freedom of Speech to spread hate .
every Sunday at 2 pm


>> MADRASSA ADMISSION OPEN. MON TO THURS FROM 5 TO 8 PM. Enroll now. Teach your children Islam and Quran

>>>>HIFZ-UL-QURAN SCHOOL- ADMISSION OPEN. MON TO SAT FROM 4 TO 7 PM. Enroll now. Make your kid(s) Hafiz-e-Quran


Monthly Regular Friday Events
Program Starts after Isha Jamat
1st Fri => Regular Zikr
2nd Fri =>
3rd Fri => Hallul Mushkilat
4th Fri => Family Night Program




Jamaat Timings


6:15 AM

Zuhr 1:45 PM (Sunday only 2:00 PM)
Asr 6:30 PM
Magrib At Sunset


9:30 PM

Friday 2:00 PM

Saturday 20 April 2019

Sunday School
Sunday School - Introduction Print E-mail


Madinah Masjid Sunday School is a weekend Islamic school that offers classes for students from Pre-Kindergarten to the High School level. The Faculty consist of qualified male and female teachers as well as volunteers who serve as teachers assistant to run the school. The goal of the overall school is for children to be learn about our religion, Islam. Our vision is to be the best choice for parents for teaching Islamic education to their children. Inshallah, with the help and blessings of Allah Ta'ala, we will work together to meet this vision and make this effort a successful one.


Elementary Teachings of Islam

Aqeedah and Ikhlaq

Serat-un-Nabi (salallaho alayhe wasalam)

History of Sahaba

Muslim Civilization

Read, Write and Speak Arabic Language

Computer lab
Memorization of selected Surahs and Duas
Celebrating Major Islamic Events
Class work and Home Work
Quizes, Mid term and Final Exams
Annual Picnic
Garduation Ceremony

Make new friends.
Fun for children


a) Addition of Media room. Keeping pace with technology and modern trend, a Media room has been created in which Students will do research on assignments and projects using internet. Watch Islamic Videos and movies and lots of other stuff related to Islamic education.

b) Once a month Movie hour to provide Islamic entertainment loaded with free pop corn and pizza.

c) Arabic Language.Grammer,  Vocabulary and speaking small sentences and phrases to understand Arabic and Quran.

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