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Islam is a Religion of Peace. We strongly condemn killing of innocent men, women, and children of any race, religion, or color in the name of Islam. We respect other religions and expect the same from others. The Muslim community joins our fellow Americans in repudiating anyone or any group that would claim to justify or excuse  any appalling act of violence"
Remember, We should not insult someone beliefs in the name of Freedom of Speech and should not use Freedom of Speech to spread hate .
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Asr 6:30 PM
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Saturday 20 April 2019



Allah Taala says in the Holy Quran,
"Listen carefully and no doubt there is no fear nor any grief upon the friends of Allah." (Sura Yunus verse 62 ).
This verse shows that there are some people who are nearer to Allah Ta'ala than other peoples. These are the friends of Allah Ta'ala and in Islamic terminology they are called AWLIYA-ALLAH and Allah Ta'ala have special treatment with them.
Imam Bukhari rahmatullah alaihi narrates that the Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam said that Allah Taala says,"My servant comes nearer to me by nafl worships upto this that I begin to love him and when I love him I become his ear by which he listens and I become his eyes by which he sees. (Saheehul Bukhari)

Imam Muslim in his Saheeh and other scholars in their books narrate that the Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam says,
"When Allah Almighty loves a person so he calls Jabrail alaihis salam and says that O Jabrail I love my so and so servant you also love him.Hence Jabrail alaihis salam also loves him.Than Jabrail alaihis salam announces in the skies that Allah Taala loves his so and so servant you also love him than all of the dwellers of skies love him.Then he is made beloved among the dwellers of the earth".

Imam Abu Nuaim in Hilya and Imam Ibne Asakir narrate from Abdullah inne Masood radi Allah anhu that the Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam says,
"Undoubtedly there are 300 awliy (friend) of Allah in his creature and there hearts are the heart of Adam alaihis salam and the hearts of 40 are like the heart of Musa alaihis salam and the hearts of the seven are like the heart of Ibraheem alaihis salam and the heart of the five are like the heart of Jabrail alaihis salam and the hearts of the three are like the heart of Mikail alaihis salam and the heart of one is like the heart of Israfeel alaihis salam.When that one(whose heart is like the heart of Israfeel) dies the one amonge of three made his representative and when some one dies among these three the one among five is made his representative and when some one dies from five the one among the seven is made his representative and when some one dies from seven the one among the forty is made his representative and when some one dies from the forty the one among the three hundred is made his representative and when some one dies from the three hundred the one among the general creature is made his representative.These are the 356 awliy due to them the life,death,raining and the growing of the plant is happened".

According to the teachings of the Quran and Hadith karaamat(miracle) is a truth Imam-e-Azam Abu Hanifa writes in his Alfiqhulakbar that the karaamat of awliya is real but there are some materialists who proclame to be muslim but they deny spiritualism,donot believe in the karaamat of awliya.Here I prove it in the light of the Quran and the Hadith.
Allah Taala says in the Holy Quran, "Sulaiman said, O chiefs,;which is of you who may bring her throne to me before they caome to me submitting? One big evil jin said, 'I will bring you that throne b-efore you rise from your sitting and undoubtedly, I am powerful over that, trustworthey. One who had knowledge of the Book said,'I shall bring it to you before twinkling of the eye.'Then when Sulaiman saw the throne set before him said,'this is of the grace of my lord that he may try me wether I am grateful or un-grateful' And whosoever is grateful for his own good.And whosoever is ungrateful,then my Lord is self sufficient All Virtuous".(Sura An-Namal, Verse 38 to 40).

In this verse Allah Almighty has mentioned the karaamat of the companian of Hazrat sulaiman alaihis salam.His name was Asif bin Barkhia.According to the commentators this throne was very huge and it was at the distance of 1500 miles away but the friend of Allah brought it before the twinkling of the eye. 
Allah Almighty mentiones the story of Maryam radi Allah anha and says, "And shake twards yourself holding the trunk of the palm tree fresh and rip dates will fall upon you". (Sura Al-Maryam, Verse 25). According to the commentators this was dry tree no fruite was on it but when the waliyah of Allah,Maryam radi Allahu anhu shaked it the dates fell down. It was her Karaamat that the dates fell from the dry tree.
Allah Almighty mentions another karaamat of Maryam radi Allahu anhu.He says, "Whenever Zakria went to her place of prayer he found new pro-vision with her.He said,"O Mary! whence came this to you? She spoke, that is from Allah,'No doubt Allah gives whomsoever He pleases without measure. (Sura Ale-Imran, Verse 37).
The famous commentator of the Holy Quran Imam Ibne Katheer writes from Mujahid Ikrama,saeed bin Jubair,Abu Shasa,Ibraheem Nakhai, uhak,Qatada,Rabi bin Anas,Atiyah Alaufi and Sudi say that Zakriya alaihis salam found with her the fruite of summar in the winter. (Ibne-Atheer vol 1 page 480).This was the karaamat of Maryam radi Allahu anhu that she had the fruite of summar in winter while no one came to her to give these fruite. There are many other karaamat of awliya have been mentioned in the Holy Quran but I am living those due to the lack of the time.Now i write some karaamat from the book of the hadith.
Imam Bukhari rahmatullah alaih narrates from Anas radi Allah anhu that Usaid ibne Hudair and Ibad ibne Bishr were talking with the Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam about their works.This happened in a dark night then both of them came out from that place to turn. Each of them have a small stick in his hand.At once the stick of one among them brightened and both of them walked in that light.when they separated from each other because of the separation of the way the stick of other one also brightened.So each of them walked in the light of his own stick upto he reached his house. MISHKAT SHAREEF PAGE 544

It has been narrated in sharhus sunnah from Ibne Munkadir that the slave of the Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam ,Hazrat Safina lost his companion in Rome or he was arrested.He escaped and was finding his friends At once he saw a lion in front of him so he said,'O Abul Harith(Lion) I am the slave of the Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam and I have faced such and such problem.Listening this the lion came near him and stand side by him. whenever the lion heard a voice he went to that place and after it he again used to walk with him upto Safina radi Allahu anhu reached his companion. MISHKAT SHAREEF PAGE 545
Imam Baihaqi narrates from Ibne Umar in Dalailun Nabuwah that Umar radi Allah anhu sent a compaign and made a person their chief who was called Saria.When Umar radi Allah anhu was delivering lecture he suddenly cried with a loud voice 'O Saria keep the mountain.'After few days a messenger came from compaign and said that O Ameerul Mumineen we faced our enemy.They attacked us and compelled us to run away.All of a sudden we listened a cry saying that O Saria keep the mountain.We touch our backs with mountain so Allah Almighty made them run away. There are many other narration which prove the karaamat of awliya but it is enough for those who have brain in their skull and light in their eye ball. May Allah keep us on the right path of the Ahlesunnah.
MISHKAT SHAREEF PAGE 546 Printed by Qadeemi Kutab Khana Karachi.


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